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A 20 pack selection of testers (your choice)

This is your chance to try Twenty Be Enlightened Fragrances with the petite 2ml diffusers which come with a reed, just like the big Diffusers so you can enjoy the fragrances easily.

This 2ml sample bottle is the easy way to try the Be Enlightened Scented Diffusers before investing in a full sized product.

The Be Enlightened triple scented diffusers are hand made in Australia using essential and fragrant oils & natural rattan sticks (Reed diffuser sticks should be turned once a week to maximise fragrant effect).

Be Enlightened Scented Diffuser Care Instructions:
Keeping away from strong drafts and out of direct sunlight. . Rotate your reeds regularly by simply turning upside down to increase enjoyment of your diffuser. Keep jar to refill once finished.


  • 20 x 2ml Glass jar
  • 20 x 1 Reed




Aqua Marine Diffuser Sample 2ml

Aquamarine by Be Enlightened immerses you in this fabulous marine fragrance combining sea moss, amber, fresh citrus and relaxing aquatic notes. Inviting the aroma of fresh summer breezes from distant shores.

Blackberry & Vanilla Be Enlightened Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Blackberry & Vanilla is a delightfully warm and spicy blend of Patchouli, Musk, Blackberry and Vanilla. This heavenly scent will inspire you and give you much comfort. The blackberry and vanilla fragrance is sure to delight.

Baltic Amber & Musk Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Baltic Amber & Musk has Egyptian musk enhanced with cashmere, patchouli, clove rose, and exotic amber will provide a sensory experience that is truly addictive.

Cafe Caramel Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Indulge your senses and comfort you with this warm blend of Maple French Vanilla, Anise, Malt and coffee latte. A guilt free delight brought by the cafe caramel scent

Cinnamon & Nutmeg Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Cinnamon & Nutmeg scent is a beautiful combination of cinnamon rolls and fresh nutmegs.

Elegant Gardenia Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

A sophisticated floral combination of cardamom, lemon, gardenia and sandalwood that showcases the true essence of a warm spring day.

Fir Needle Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Fir Needle Scented Diffusers capture the scent of freshly cut pine trees.

Figue Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Captures the freshness of green leaves, woodland and wild figues. This fragrance evokes an elegant aroma of spring.

Frangipani Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Fresh frangipani with complex layers of coconut, orange, bergamont, mimosa, ylang ylang and vanilla that will calm your senses and transport you to exotic locations.

Green Tea Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Green Tea Scented Diffusers help you cleanse, unwind and relax. An intriguing blend of Orange Zest, Violet, Tea Leaves and Oak Moss. A truly invigorating experience.

Ginger Flower Be Enlightened Diffuser Sample 2ml

A secretly seductive blend of Ginger, Apple, Bergamot and Lemon. This incredible fragrance will delight all of your senses.

Jasmine Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

A touch of earthy green top notes and freshly picked jasmine petals to create this pure delicate scent that will leave a lasting impression.

Lavender & Mint Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Relaxing notes of french lavender, herbal mint, menthol, eucalyptus and a hint of spiciness to create this uplifiting fragrance.

Lemongrass Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

A fresh and cleansing blend of lemongrass, lemon and ginger. It will invigorate your senses and uplift your spirit.

Oriental Baies Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Red currant, berries, pear, combined with rose, jasmine and precious woods create this sophisticated fragrance.

Oriental Sandalwood Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

A spiritual blend of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedar and Vanilla. This irresistible fragrance will evoke a warm and homely atmosphere.

Passionfruit & Lime Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

With the summery notes of Lime, Melon, Passionfruit and Guava, sit back and let this captivating scent transport you.

Passionfruit and Paw Paw Diffuser Sample 2ml

A blend of passionfruit, paw paw, grapefruit, blood orange, mango and peach combine to create this delicious fruit cocktail.

Pink Roses Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

A romantic floral bouquet of pink roses, carnations and white floral notes.

Precious Woods Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Cedarwood, leaf, fir needle, and patchouli create this spiritual scent of warm sandalwood, blended with rosemary, thyme and ylang ylang. This precious aroma of woods will leave a lasting impression.

Red Roses Be Enlightened Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

A freshly picked bouquet of long stemmed red roses. Luxuriant tea rose, rich and spicy with a hint of sweet violets and warm musk.

Sweet Basil and Mandarin Diffuser Sample 2ml

A refreshing combination of Lime Oil, Basil Mandarin, Lemon and Thyme. This fruity fragrance will uplift and invigorate and create a sense of wellbeing.

Tropical Coconut Be Enlightened Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Fresh coconut and pineapple with a hint of lime on a warm musky and sweet vanilla background that create this luscious tropical scent.

Tuberose & Gardenia Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

Exotic tuberose flowers sprinkled with elegant gardenia, rich rose, sensuous ylang ylang and jasmine notes create this romantic and magical fragrance.

Vanilla Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

A warm and comforting vanilla combined with rich caramel, coconut and fresh hazelnuts that create this truly decadent and sweet aroma.

Warm Apple Pie Be Enlightened Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml

A fragrance that is sure to delight, from the freshly baked apples to the warm crust infused with brown sugar and nutmeg. Discover the delectable scent of Warm Apple Pie.

White Grapefruit Diffuser Sample 2ml

A refreshingly delightful blend of pomelo grapefruit, orange, neroli and cassis. This appealingly provocative fragrance is a tropical delight.

Watermelon and Strawberries Diffuser Sample 2ml

Sweet refreshing notes of watermelon, strawberries and green apple. This delightful fragrance will take you back to childhood summers by the pool.

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This 20 pack of petite 2ml diffusers come with a reed, just like the big Diffusers so you can enjoy the fragrances easily.


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