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Be Enlightened Candles New Packaging design

New Packaging on the entire Be Enlightened Range is currently being rolled out as they use up their old stock, this is starting with the Elegant Range.

Unfortunately we do not get any prior notice of when each range is being updated until we get the new stock, but we are endeavouring to update images on the site to the new range as we receive them, but this can take a day or two and during this period some customers may get the new design even though website is showing the old design.

These new designs are only rolled out once Be Enlightened (and Triple Scented) have no remaining old Stock.

We are always happy to refund customers if you do not like the new design and return the candles, but unfortunately cannot provide products with the old design.

New Look – Bigger Candles

  • 420 gram elegant candles
  •  Beautiful Pastel Colour boxes for each fragrance
  • Natural wax (No food dye colours)
  • Contemporary white lid which can be used as a stand
  • Translucent white glow through glass which will not show the bubbles like the old clear glass, giving a nicer look.
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