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A lovely gift for someone who would appreciate a decorative Glass Aroma Diffuser & Light. Choose 3 Be Enlightened Essential Fragrant Oils from a selected range. Create the perfect ambiance by adding water and essential oils to the glass diffuser (as per instructions on the box) for 4 hours of fragrant and LED lighting bliss. Enjoy with a bottle of Tyrell’s Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir and a box of creamy Lindt Chocolates and be completely diffused…



Electric Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser & Light - 4 hrs -120ml

Our ultrasonic aroma diffuser is designed to create long lasting triple scented fragrance. Simply follow your instructions by adding 120ml of water with 3-5 drops of Be Enlightened fragrant and essential oils. The stunning glass design and LED coloured light system will create the perfect ambience.

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Lindt Chocolate Assorted 150g

Lindt Chocolate Box - We all need a little bit of good quality chocolate and you can't beat a Lindt Chocolate ball...

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Oriental Baies Be Enlightened Essential Fragrant Oil 30ml

The Be Enlightened Oriental Baies Essential Fragrant Oil has notes of Red currant, berries and pear combined with rose, jasmine and precious woods create this sophisticated fragrance.

Lemongrass Be Enlightened Essential Fragrant Oil 30ml

This Be Enlightened Essential Fragrant Oil comes with a fresh and cleansing blend of lemongrass, lemon and ginger. It will invigorate your senses and uplift your spirit.

Red Roses Be Enlightened Essential Fragrant Oil 30ml

The Be Enlightened Red Roses Essential Fragrant Oil is made from a freshly picked bouquet of long stemmed red roses. Luxuriant rich and spicy with a hint of sweet violets and warm musk’s.

Vanilla Be Enlightened Essential Fragrant Oil 30ml

Warm and comforting vanilla essential fragrant oil by Be Enlightened combined with rich caramel, coconut and fresh hazelnuts to create this truly decadent and sweet aroma.

Blackberry & Vanilla Be Enlightened Essential Fragrant Oil 30ml

The Be Enlightened Blackberry & Vanilla Essential Fragrant Oil has a warm and spicy blend of Patchouli, Musk, Blackberry and Vanilla. This heavenly scent will relax and inspire you.

Café Caramel Be Enlightened Essential Fragrant Oil 30ml

Cafe Caramel Essential Fragrant Oil will enlighten your senses and be comforted with this warm blend of Maple French Vanilla, Anise, Malt and coffee latte. A guilt free delight.

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