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Mr Smooth Skin Care Pack – Medium

Great product for men who are vegan and like natural and organic ingredients in their personal care products.


Vegan Shave Brush - Made in Australia

Vegan Upcycled Wood Shave Brush is hand made by a skilled craftsman using clean Up-cycled Wood at Kis My Body headquarters. With the finest quality vegan synthetic brush.

The wood is treated with natural orange oil leaving a smooth finish. It's lovely to hold and great to use.

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Mr Smooth Shave Soap

Throw away your chemicals, Kis's Yin shaving soap which has been organically procured to lather and refresh your skin. Organic ingredients, Vegan + chemical-free.

Lightly scented with patchouli based Yin scent. Made from Essential Oils.

Kis Organic Shave Soap has the benefit of organic Australian clay to enhance the perfect shave.

*Certified Organic

Virgin Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Super fine Clay*, Candelilla Wax*, purified water.
Softly Scented with a blend of essential oils: Cedarwood* Jasmine* Vanilla, Amyris, Patchouli*, Rose Labdanum

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Mr Smooth Vitamin C Face Cream

A simple nourishing anti-aging cream. With a high percentage of Vitamin C to combat aging and draw out impurities. The base is organic shea butter. This cream will brighten your complexion and leave your skin grateful.

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Kis Mini Flower Water - Lavender 30ml

Lavender Hydrosol, in30ml spray, made by our aromatherapist. A perfect size to pop in your handbag or travel luggage. Re-hydrate your skin anytime during the day. Can be used for many other purposes. Ie pillow spray, disinfectant, add to a diffuser, after sun.

Ingredients: Purified Water, *Organic Lavender Water of distillation, Vegetable Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Potassium, Lactic Acid; Oak Moss Absolute, *Certified Organic Patchouli Oil, *Certified Organic Lavender Oil, Chamomile & Bergamot Oil.

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Vegan Skin care for men. The Mr Smooth men’s grooming pack is a 10-minute morning or night regime that will have you looking the perfect man. It’s designed to be minimum effort for maximum effect.
So you can shave, tone, moisturise to keep your skin in shape and you will visibly look younger.
Made for you by a naturopath and chemist.

Step 1. Morning ritual: Shave using “no nasties” olive oil shave soap & quality Vegan Shave Brush
Step 2. Tone using Lavender Hydrosol
Step 3. Moisturise at night using Vitamin C (20%) Treatment Cream (every second night) + spritz your skin with Lavender Hydrosol. It will also relax you.


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