Be Enlightened Candles

Be Enlightened candles No. 1 store including the entire range of single wick Petite candles, Double wick Elegant candles & the large Be Enlightened centerpiece 5-6 wick Luxury candle ranges, available in 28 scents. You can also get Be Enlightened Sprays, Essential Oils, Diffusers and the custom Jewelry which allows you to take your Be Enlightened fragrances with you anywhere

Be Enlightened Limited Edition

Limited Edition fragrances will be unavailable once current stock sells out   Musk Sticks: Revisit sweeter times with the intoxicating fragrance of the sugary pink lolly Aussies have grown to love Fizzy Cola: Notes of brown sugar, vanilla, spices and clove, Crack open your own can(dle) of refreshing fizzy cola...

Petite Candles

Petite Candles with a Full Fragrance. Be Enlightened Petite Candles (small candles) change the atmosphere and mood of your room with those classic Be Enlightened fragrances we all love. The bonus is it comes in a cute size easy position in your room and move around to where you want...

Elegant Candles

The elegant Be Enlightened classic triple scented candle is a highly fragranced, double wick candle that lasts up to 80 hours. Each candle is hand-poured and made in Australia, with a high quality non-toxic soy wax blend and lead free cotton wicks. The candle has a diameter of 10cm and...

Luxury Candles

The stunning Be Enlightened Luxury Candle is a solid 1.6kg and features up to 6 wicks. You will completely transform the look of your room at night when you light the ‘Be Enlightened’ luxury triple scented candle. They make a fabulous home or office statement. These Luxury candles are amazing...


Read the Be Enlightened story, maintain your candles at their best with the Wick Straighteners and scissors or try out the range of fragrances with the Be Enlightened Fragrance discovery pack.

Discontinued Be Enlightened

Be Enlightened are discontinuing these ranges, this means once our current stock runs out they will be unavailable for order, if it is not displayed on this page it has already run out sorry and we cannot get any more.