Soaps, Scrubs & Hydrosols

The Organic Body range of Face & body creams, soaps and refreshing hydrosols infused with carefully blended pure essential oils and natural ingredients, perfect for sensitive skins. Each blend has particular aromatherapy properties to enhance your lifestyle.

Olive Oil Soaps

Pure olive oil soap is gentle, cleanses the skin and moisturises it leaving your skin nourished. Olive oil soap also has a lower pH than most commercial soaps making it suitable for people with very sensitive or dry skins.

Face and Body Scrubs

Kis my Body Scrubs are made with French Celtic Sea Salt dried by the wind & sun, to exfoliate the skin, unclog pores, promote skin cell renewal and balance oil production. Celtic Sea Salt is naturally moist so is perfect for all types of skin, on your face and body....

Flower Waters - Hydrosols

This is a subtle beautiful “water” from steam-distillation of plants, stems, leaves & flowers. Made by our aromatherapist these are not water with essential oils added. They are called hydrosols. Great as a spritz for your face or all over to hyrdrate and refresh, toner after cleansing, or after shaving...