Triple Scented Luxury Fragrances

Be Enlightened scented candles, diffusers & perfumes plus the organic Kis my Body collection of soaps, scrubs, hydrsols, anti-aging creams, shave gear and pure essential oils

Be Enlightened & Kis on Sale Now

Be Enlightened Essential Oils (20% off), Kis Organic Oils down to $15, All Diffusers down to $34.70 from $38.70.   Electric Diffusers 30% off.

For the best sssential oil experience we highly recommend the electric ultrasonic LED diffuser, no need for tealights, 5 colour settings on the LED’s  to choose from

Be Enlightened Essential Oils

Be Enlightened Essential Oil Sale

20% Off

30 ml down from $29.70 to $23.76

100 ml down from 78.70 to $62.96

Be Enlightened Electric Diffuser

Electric LED Diffuser

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Kis EOrganic Essential Oils

Kis My Body Organic Essential Oil Sale

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down from $25 to $15


36 Luxurious Fragrances to Choose from

Limited Edition

Be Enlightened is releasing s some limited edition fragrances for candles, diffusers and essential oils.

Some hot favourites so far are the Cappucino, Red Raspberries, French Lavender and Japanese Honeysuckle.

The Fruit Tingle Fragrance features combinations of delicious fruity flavours of lime, orange, raspberry and lemon.

All Limited Edition Fragrances may be removed at any time.


Tropical cocktails come to mind with the fruity fragrances of Coconut, Watermelon, Strawberries, Passionfruit & Paw Paw.

Candles & perfumes fragranced with the tropical coconut fragrance, balanced by lime vanilla & pineapple are a solid favourite with everyone. 


The classic scents of Precious Woods, Fir Needle, Oriental Sandalwood and Figue add an amazing ambience to your home.

The woody fragrances are especially wonderful in the depths of winter or the festive season.

These earthy and woody fragrances will help to give your house a touch of old world charm.


Freshly squeezed lime and lemongrass  White Grapefruit, Passionfruit, Sweet Basil, Lavender and Mint.

Refreshing and zesty scents like these really brighten an atomosphere and help to energise your environment.

Sample the range of fragrances

Why not try the Triple Scented Discovery Pack, only $2 postage.
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Be Enlightened & Kis Organics
Luxury Fragrances for your Home & Body

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