Scented Body Products

Luscious Be Enlightened Perfumes in handy rollerballs and larger sizes the therapeutic Kis my Body range made with carefully blended aromatherapy fragrances including perfumes, scrubs, refreshing hydrosols, divine olive oil soap & anti-aging face cream, perfect for sensitive skins,

Be Enlightened Jewellery

These gorgeous pieces of Jewellery from Be Enlightened, let you take your favourite fragrance with you, simply put a few drops of essential oil on one of the included (5) felt pads and put inside the necklace or bracelet.  When you decide you want a change just swap for another...


Be Enlightened perfumes, all 28 fragrances available, plus the organic Kis my Body range of subtle scents

Soaps, Scrubs & Hydrosols

The Organic Body range of Face & body creams, soaps and refreshing hydrosols infused with carefully blended pure essential oils and natural ingredients, perfect for sensitive skins. Each blend has particular aromatherapy properties to enhance your lifestyle.

Face & Body Creams

Kis daily and anti-aging face creams and Body Creams , perfect for sensitive skins. Face creams and body creams are made by a talented aromatherapist with certified organic ingredients.

Mr Smooth - For Men

Shaving soaps, brushes & skin care range including anti-aging, Mr Smooth is for men who care about their skin and want to avoid nasty chemicals with their skincare & shaving products Mr Smooth gives you a smooth shaving experience, with the therapeutic benefits of carefully selected essential oils

Anti-Aging Face Cream

The anti-aging face cream New You by Kis my body is a Vitamin C Face Cream. In a base of organic Shea Butter this cream has potent antioxidant benefits & protects your skin from free radicals, gives you a healthy glow and smooth skin texture.