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28 Scents of Be Enlightened Diffusers and fragrant oils plus the Kis my Body organics range

Be Enlightened & Kis Testers

Be Enlightened & Kis my Body Testers, Your chance to try a small sample size of our top fragrances before getting a full sized product. There are 2ml diffuser samples of every core fragrance plus samples of selected other products available including the exquisite Kis my Body perfumes The petite...

Diffusers & Refills

Reed Diffusers by Be Enlightened are the long lasting fragrance solution for your home. The easy way to ensure that luscious fragrance never runs out...

Entire Essential Oils Range

Luxurious essential fragrant oils in 28 beautiful Be Enlightened scents, plus the exotic and fresh range of organic therapeutic essential oils by Kis my Body

Organic Essential Oil Blends - Kis

Unique Essential Oil Blended by a talented aromatherapist for the Kis My Body Range, add to your bath, perfect in electric or tea light diffusers. The certified organic pure essential oils, mean these  can be used in massage oil. These quality pure essential oils will strike you at an emotional...

Essential Oils - Be Enlightened

  Be Enlightened Essential and fragrant oils in 28 famous Be Enlightened fragrances, designed to be added to any diffuser, especially good for use with the Be Enlightened electric diffuser range.

Electric Diffusers

Stylish electric diffusers by Be Enlightened use ultrasonic technology to diffuse your favourite essential oils, while adding to the ambience of your room with the optional LED lights in a variety of colours. A stunning style statement for your home guaranteed to boost the ambience and give you push button...

Reed Diffusers

Be Enlightened triple scented diffusers turn your home into the extraordinary. These reed diffusers can turn the ambience of your room from chaotic to relaxing. Simple and no fuss, the Be Enlightened diffuser reeds and fragrance oil will last up to 4 months,

Diffuser Refills

Reed & Oil Diffuser Refill packs let you top up the oil and replace the reeds in your Be Enlightened Reed diffuser with the fresh ones in these refill packs. Use a refill and your Be Enlighted diffuser will be ready to add that luxury fragrance to your home again....

Room Sprays

  Be Enlightened Triple Scented Room Sprays help you instantly transform a room with a luxury scent, perfect when you need a fragrance fast..... You can choose from the smell of a summer breeze to the fruits you love.  Be Enlightened room spray gives you up to 1000 sprays per...