Exotic Fragrances by Be Enlightened and Kis My Body

Exotic fragrances bring an air of mystery, Sandalwood, Oriental Baies, Ginger Flower, Blackberry & Vanilla from Be Enlightened

The Yin and Yang by Kis my Body are all time classics, we love them in aroma oils and soaps bringing exotic luxury everyday.

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Blackberry Vanilla
Blackberry & Vanilla
A warm and spicy blend of Patchouli, Musk, Blackberry and Vanilla. This heavenly scent will relax and inspire you.
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Kis Yang Soap Kis My Body
Kis Yang
Dive in the pool of joy and refreshing energy with our Yang Organic Soap packed with the essential oils like sandalwood and other treasury of vitamins, minerals and natural oils, used in spas for moisturizing and gentle cleaning.
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Yin Soap Kis My Body
Kis Yin
This organic soap is handmade with pure olive oil which is low-foaming and suitable for use on face and body. Relax your nerves and spirits with our grounding and organic soap.
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Oriental Baies Be Enlightened Candles Diffusers Body Products
Oriental Baies
Red currant, berries and pear, combined with rose, jasmine and precious woods create this sophisticated fragrance.
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Gingerflower Be Enlightened Candles Diffusers Body Products
Ginger Flower
A secretly seductive blend of Ginger, Apple, Bergamot and Lemon. This incredible fragrance will delight all of your senses.
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Oriental Sandalwood Be Enlightened Candles Diffusers Body Products (Custom)
Oriental Sandalwood
A spiritual blend of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedar and Vanilla. This irresistible fragrance will evoke a warm and homely atmosphere.
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Baltic Amber Be Enlightened Candles Diffusers Body Products (Custom)
Baltic Amber & Musk
Egyptian musk enhanced with cashmere, patchouli, clove rose, and exotic amber will provide a sensory experience that is truly addictive.
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Nilla Perfume 50ml Kis My Body
Kis Nilla
Spicy scent with a note of sweetness , finished with vanilla perfect for a love affair with yourself.
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One Flower Rollerball 9ml Kis My Body
One Flower Kis
One Flower scent is centered around the amazing Ylang Ylang flower.
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