Figue fragrance

 by Be Enlightened 

will Immerse your home with the 

Energy of Earth

I feel connected to the Earth and I am one with all things.


Figue scented candles, diffusers, sprays, oils and perfumes immerse your home with the Energy of Earth.

Captivates the freshness of green leaves, woodland, and wild figues. This fragrance evokes an elegant aroma of spring. This appealingly provocative fragrance is a tropical delight.

Be Enlightened Figue Fragrance

Petite Candles
Elegant Candles
Luxury Candles
Essential Oils
Reed Diffusers
DIffuser Refills
Room Sprays
Be Enlightened Figue fragrance available in candles, oils, sprays and diffusers, also 2ml samples, best prices on Be Enlightened Products
Figue Scented Diffuser Sample 2ml
Figue Be Enlightened Essential Fragrant Oil 30ml
Figue Be Enlightened Perfume 10ml Roll-on
Figue Be Enlightened Scented Diffuser Refill 200ml
Figue Be Enlightened Perfume 120ml
Figue Be Enlightened Perfume 50ml
Figue Be Enlightened Petite Scented Candle 25hrs
Figue Be Enlightened Luxury Candle – 200 hrs
Figue Be Enlightened Scented Spray 120ml
Figue Be Enlightened Scented Diffuser 200ml
Figue Be Enlightened Triple Scented Elegant Candle 80hrs