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Kis Aromatherapy Essential Oil Pack

This is a great pack, with oil blends to suite every mood. Brighten your home or office.
This handy steam diffuser plugs into your laptop or usb outlet as is or can plug into any power plug (adaptor not provided).



Kis - Unisex Citrus Organic Essential Oil Blend - Liberates & Balances

Kis' Unisex essential oil blend is meant to soothe the soul and skin. Suitable for both the skin types it creates a perfect balance between freshness and concentration. Procured by aromatherapist it is also organically certified.

A unique to Kis and  blended by an aromatherapist. The scent is superb and transform your moods. Fresh Citrus blend has always been a favourite.

Aroma produced:  Fresh, liberating & balancing
* certified organic

This will awaken your senses. Grounding and balancing. Have you heard the expression It's ok to have your head in the clouds but keep your feet on the ground.

A blend of natural and organic oils; Rose Jasmine* Clove Bud* Geranium* Mandarin*

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Kis - Yin Organic Essential Oil Blend - Grounding & Balancing

Kis Yin Essential oil blend is a relaxing and balancing oil which can be used for romantic baths, added to carrier oil for massage and gives you a joyful diffuser experience. Blended by an aromatherapist our quality pure essential oils will strike you at an emotional and spiritual level.

A unique blend to Kis and  blended by an aromatherapist. The scent is superb and will transform your mood. The Founder of Kis my Body, has used yin as a personal fragrance for many years and always gets lots of compliments. Suites those who like a musk like fragrance.

Aroma produced: Soft, musky. Grounding & Balancing
* Certified Organic

A blend of natural and organic Cedarwood*, Jasmine*, Vanilla, Amyris, Patchouli*, Rose Labdanum

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Kis - Yang Organic Essential Oil Blend - Sweetness & Joy!

An aroma which is a synergy of sweetness & joy

This delicate & delightful blend of powerful essential oils creates a synergy of sweetness & joy. When diffused, the Yang blend creates a warm, comforting environment and inspires a happy, open & joyful aromatic atmosphere.TGA approved & certified organic

Suggested use: Dab 3-4 Drops On Pulse Points (Wrist & Neck) Add To Your Oil Burner, Diffuser, Bath, Massage Oil & Washing Machine

A blend of natural and organic Ylang Ylang* Sandalwood Jasmine* vanilla Mandarin* Lime*

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Kis - Lavender + Native Organic Essential Oil Blend 15ml - Refreshing

An uplifting and inspiring blend of Lavender + Native Essential Oils to uplift the senses and awaken the mind.
Open up your heart and mind to the relaxing power of Organic Australian Lavender, the crisp and refreshing qualities of Organic Australian Lemon, the balancing and harmonising properties of Organic Cedarwood, the cleansing quality of thyme and the calming nature of Organic Australian Rosalina.
All the essential oils are organic.

Australian Lavender*, Australian Lemon*, Bergamot*,Cedarwood*
Australian Rosalina* & Thyme*.

*Certified organic essential oils.

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Cleanse and purify your home or workplace.
This box set Includes all our four amazing blends:
Kis Yin – soft, powdery scent, Grounding & Balancing: with essential oils of Cedarwood* Jasmine*, Vanilla, Amyris, Patchouli*, Rose Labdamum.
Kis Yang – uplifting, Joyful: with essential oils of Ylang Ylang* Sandalwood, Jasmine*, vanilla, Mandarin* Lime*.
Kis Unisex – a fresh citrus, scent, Liberating & Balancing: with essential oils of Rose, Jasmine*, Clove Bud*, Geranium*, Mandarin*.
Kis Lavender + Native inspiring blend to uplift the senses and awaken the mind. Open up your heart and mind to the relaxing power of Australian Lavender*, crisp, uplifting qualities of Australian Lemon*, the balancing, harmonising properties of Cedarwood* and the de-stressing, calming nature of Australian Rosalina* and cleansing thyme.
*Certified Organic and all essential oils TGA approved Essential Oils from a single source.

Also includes a quality Electric diffuser that changes colour to enhance your moods.



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