Kis Unisex Citrus

Kis’ Unisex fragrance and essential oil blend was created to soothe the soul and skin. The Unisex scent is a fresh citrus fragrance featuring Mandarin, Geranium, Clove Bud, Jasmine and Rose.

Suitable for both the skin types it creates a perfect balance between freshness and concentration, grounding & balance

Unisex Kis My Body Organic Fragrance

Essential Oil
Body Cream
Organic Soap
Face & Body Scrub
Gift Pack
Soap Bulk Buy – 10 Organic Soaps Eco Wrapped
Salt Scrub – Bell Mason Jar – Unisex (Celtic/Citrus) Scented for face & body
Unisex Organic Soap Bucket
Kis – Unisex Citrus Organic Essential Oil Blend – Liberates & Balances
Unisex Organic Soap